Embodied Writing 6-Week Workshop

Birth your creative work into the world inside this highly focused, supportive space with comedian and creatrix Alicia Dattner.

We meet on Zoom for 6 weeks, Sundays 5 pm – 7 pm Pacific Time, Feb 21 – Mar 28, 2021

In 2 hours, we do:

  • a new EMBODIMENT practice each week (get you in your body)
  • a guided meditation and WRITING PROCESS (get the words on the paper)
  • SHARING what we’ve written in dyads (get the words out of your mouth)
  • sharing a snippet in the GROUP (get witnessed in community)

Folks return again and again (in fact about 85% of participants are returning students), working on great stuff like:

✨ memoirs on professional poker playing
poetry about puppies
irreverent ritual missives from the divine feminine
standup comedy about involuntary celibacy
powerful transmissions on anti-racism
 feminist protest pop songs


  • Each week, we’ll explore a new embodiment practice, offering a variety of flavors of self-connection, often with a new guest facilitator:
  • Feb 21: Alex Iglecia– Uzazu Embodied Intelligence
    Feb 28: Amy Rogg– Underbelly Deep Dance
    Mar 7: Sam Rogers – Body Music
    Mar 14: Kate Winch– Emotional Freedom Technique
    Mar 21: David Schlussel – Open Here Yoga
    Mar 28: Shawnrey Notto – Sensual Awakening

This is an affordable, process-oriented, spiritually-guided, body-centered, socially-aware workshop for people who want to carve out space, support, silence, and accountability to generate new work that originates from your whole self.

TO JOIN: VENMO $197 to @alicia-dattner

(Embodied Writing is not primarily focused on getting personal feedback, editing, or honing a final performance. Alicia’s Solo Showdown workshop is more performance-oriented.)