Solo Showdown Storytelling & Comedy Workshop

6 Wednesdays, 5pm PT, July 5 - Aug 9, 2023

Is it time to just tell the damn story? The story you know in your bones you were meant to share? Your medicine for the world?

Have you been sitting the story you need to tell for months, years, or decades? Perhaps it’s not really about telling your old story, but embodying your new story?

Solo Showdown is a 6-week LIVE online storytelling & comedy workshop, facilitated by internationally-acclaimed comedian Alicia Dattner. In a group of high-caliber supportive creatives, we’ll discover your story through:

  • Improv games & acting warmups
  • Wild extemporaneous storytelling
  • Juicy writing prompts
  • Alicia’s witchy wisdom

You’ll go from having the seed of an idea – to participating in an exquisite ritual of “seeing and being seen” – a performance of your story that is healing, nourishing, and freeing, for you and all those who witness you.

  • Come for the knock-down, drag-out full self-expression you crave
  • Stay for the creative and personal growth you won’t find anywhere else
  • Leave with a magical 7-minute medicine story you’ll perform at the final show on August 12, 2023
6-Week, LIVE Online Workshop
Next Workshop Begins July 7, 2023
Limited Enrollment

Early Bird Rate

$597 $497

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Special Offer
First 5 people to register for Solo Showdown will receive a half-hour 1-1 coaching session with Alicia Dattner ($150 value)

What will we do together?


  • Somatically-based, improvised storytelling
  • The key prompt that reveals your narrative
  • The Rainbow Writing practice that gathers all your voices together
  • Gentle practices that break through blocks to “being seen”


  • Explore and unpack your themes
  • Expand threads and through-lines
  • Order the significant events
  • Edit the core story
  • Find openings for humor
Summer Shapiro


  • Expand dialogue and character
  • Rehearse and memorize your piece
  • Get performance coaching and emotional support from Alicia
  • Perform and get applause and appreciation!

What kind of support will you receive?

6 weeks of highly experiential LIVE weekly online classes (Wednesdays 5-7 pm PT)

A small pod of high-level cracker-jack writers to spark ideas with you

Alicia’s witchy wisdom on exactly how to create a medicine story that moves your audience – and transforms your life

A final showcase of your performance and a recording of what you created


Get The “Write Here Now” Weekly Writing Workshop – Free

A live, weekly 2-hour guided writing space where you’ll have time to generate the material for your performance (Get 6 weeks free – $150 value). Jumpstart your process with this juicy, embodied creative workout. Get in your body and get words on the page. Meets Tuesdays, 5pm PT/ 8pm ET.