speak your medicine

There has never been a more important time to speak our truth and share our medicine.

Embark on a 6-month journey from feeling unseen to
OWNING THE STAGE with grace, humor, and impact.

Nov 8, 2023 – April 8, 2024
Online AND In-Person
Live Final Performance Festival in the iconic California Bay Area

Are You Ready to Transform?

  • TIRED OF feeling like your work is the world’s best-kept secret?

  • DREAMING OF captivating larger audiences with your narrative?

  • YEARNING TO infuse humor and charisma into your talks?

  • Needing to Experience Deep Growth in Business and in Life?

  • UNEARTH your unique Medicine Story and touch lives.

  • ELEVATE your public speaking with the power of humor and heart.

  • BOOST your brand, gain recognition, and secure paid speaking opportunities.

Who is this for? (It’s for you.)

  • You’re a coach

    your 1-1 clients adore you – but you want to convey who you are to a bigger audience, and you want to rope ’em in with laughter as well as drop your knowledge

  • You’re a speaker

    realizing you’re a little too dry – and you desperately want to bring more levity to your speaking engagements.

  • You’re an environmentalist

    the planet needs to hear about sustainability and regeneration – and be inspired through honesty and also possibility, and not paralyzed by grief about the state of the world.

  • You’re a spiritual teacher

    your workshops could bring peace to so many people – if only you weren’t so shy and internal, perhaps you could move them to join you with your observations about how silly our minds are.

  • You’re an entrepreneur

    you long to do a TEDx Talk about your new invention – but make it funny and not just informative.

  • You work with plant medicine or other healing modalities

    you’re ready to share powerful transmissions with the world – and you want to awaken folks with humor – not bore them with current cliches.

  • You’re a(n aspiring) comedian or solo performer

    who wants to create a funny solo show – with a message.

  • Or… you’re just someone who is ready to step into/onto The Next Stage.

Your Medicine Story is the transformational tale
of what you overcame to be who you are today
in all your perfect imperfection
told with humor, vulnerability, presence, and passion.

The Healing and Subversive Power of Humor:

Laughter is the missing ingredient in most speeches…

laughter breaks through information overload

laughter softens us

laughter allows us to let in new ideas

laughter helps us integrate new understandings

And it’s one of my unique gifts I love to share.

Just a few of the big things your Medicine Story makes possible:

Inspire Potential Clients

Ever felt like you’re the world’s best-kept secret? Time to let the cat out of the bag and show the world who you really are, my friend.

Authentically Share about Courses & Workshops

Because shouting about your workshops from the rooftop might not be the most effective strategy. Or the safest.

Get Paid Speaking Gigs

Who said you can’t mix business with pleasure? Share your story, inspire others, and let the corporate world pay for your next vacation. To Des Moines. I’m kidding. To Singapore.

Humor Infusion

Because who remembers a boring story? With Alicia’s guidance, you’ll be the talk of the town (in a good way).

Wild & Free Self-Expression

Unleash your inner rockstar. Or opera singer. Or mime. Whatever your inner game is, it’s time to let them play. As a speaker, of course. Your inner rockstar-opera singer-mime-speaker.

Embodied Transformation

Beyond the “end product”, the practice of sharing your medicine story, of telling the story of how you became the wise one you are today, what you overcame to be here, what it took, and what you learned lets you embody your gift at a whole new level, and everyone feels it. It’s like a makeover, but for your soul. And without the messy hair dye.

Transpersonal Awakening

Ever had an ‘aha’ moment while wearing fuzzy slippers? This is like that, but bigger. And probably without the slippers. Uncovering your truest expression, with humor and grace, you can’t help but realize you’re weaving the tapestry of a new narrative for a new earth. One of optimism, interdependence, and truth. Yeah, baby!

What’s included in this course?

3-day live in-person story initiation immersion with Alicia in Northern California

6 months of experiential LIVE weekly online coaching & instruction from Alicia (3 group calls per month – everyone gets coached)

BONUS Alicia’s Weekly Embodied Writing Workshop – the perfect place to pen your script (come up to 3 times a week or drop in occasionally)

Monthly 1-1 punch-up sessions with a second comedian to add even more humor to your story

3-day live in-person story ceremony workshop with Alicia in Northern California

A final live performance of your piece for friends & family at a theater in Northern California

A professionally filmed recording of your Medicine Story

BONUS Jaymin Patel’s Training on Getting Booked as a Speaker

What will we do in our weekly sessions?


(Join us for the 3-Day Story Initiation Immersion in-person in Nor Cal)

  • Call in magic and mystery
  • Somatically-based, improvised storytelling
  • The key prompt that reveals your core narrative
  • The Rainbow Writing practice that gathers all your voices together


  • Discover The Grand Cosmic Joke
  • Explore and unpack your themes
  • Order the significant events
  • Edit the core story
  • Find openings for humor


  • Expand dialogue and character
  • Expand threads and through-lines
  • Clarify and align your message and your self-expression
  • Embody your new story


  • Rehearse and memorize your piece
  • Gentle practices that break through blocks to “being seen”
  • Get performance coaching and emotional support from Alicia
  • Learn acting warmups to prepare you for the stage


(Join us for the 3-Day Story Ceremony/Summit in-person in Nor Cal)

  • Rehearse and memorize your piece
  • Get performance coaching and emotional support from Alicia
  • Perform and get applause and appreciation!
Summer Shapiro


  • Receive the video of your performance
  • Create soundbites for PR, social media, your website, etc.
  • Position yourself as a speaker, podcast guest, tele summit panelist, or solo performer
  • Create a speaker sheet

The Grand Finale:
Tell Your Story at the Medicine Story Ceremony

After 6 transformative months, you’ll perform your story LIVE in the Bay Area of Northern California.

Experience the glory of sharing your truth, humor, and wisdom with an audience of friends, family, colleagues, and potential clients. And get it on film.

Your Guide

Your GuideYour Guide, Internationally-acclaimed comedian Alicia Dattner

has won numerous awards for performing, shared the stage with comedy giants, and toured from Bali to Bombay with six feature-length solo/standup comedy specials. Each show carries a unique transmission. Her books Getting Sh*t Done and Is This It? are #1 international bestsellers on Amazon, and she’s also creator of The Spiritual Comedy FestivalShe’s mentored hundreds of storytellers, and directed numerous clients as they created life-changing solo shows and speeches.

Alicia’s own mentors include teachers in the lineage of Laban-Yat-Bentley psychology of movement, Native American plant medicine, Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations, Olivia Corson’s Body Tales, Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems, and of course several celebrated comedians including Eugene Mirman and W. Kamau Bell.

With Alicia’s guidance, you’ll craft a compelling narrative and master the art of laughter, allowing your audience to be enraptured and transformed.

6-Month Workshop
November 8, 2023 – April 8, 2024

Limited Enrollment

Early Bird ENDS Nov 1, 2023

$5999 $4999

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Be One of the First

The first 4 people to join Speak Your Medicine will receive monthly 1-1 story coaching sessions with Alicia ($1800 value)

Speak Your Medicine

  • Dive deep into the gifts your wounds hold.

  • Structure your story for clarity and impact.

  • Fill your piece with humor.

  • Embody your wisdom through somatic practices so you…

  • Illuminate a new world with your story.

  • Allow yourself to be deeply seen, so clients can know, like, and trust you.

This 6-month course is rooted in three powerful animal archetypes, grounding our transformational stories in the wisdom of nature, time, and place, and creating a Medicine Story:

  • Butterfly says: “Your life is transformation!” Inspire change with every word.

  • Buffalo says: “Your life is a blessing!” Speak with strength and confidence.

  • Coyote says: “Your life is a joke!” Lighten up!

Embodying your Medicine Story gives your audience a felt sense of truth.

Filling your story with humor allows your audience to integrate its wisdom.

Allowing yourself to be seen lets those in your audience meant to work with you feel a “F*** yes!” (that’s Coyote talking!)

What becomes possible for the world through the telling of our individual stories? I believe that the more personal a story you tell, the more universal its appeal.

We can become medicine carriers: humble catalysts for transformation, sharing our hard-earned wisdom and humor. Not to save or fix something, but for the joy of feeling life force flow through us and into our community. We can offer the world new narratives, new ways of being, and new possibility. With our medicine stories, we can create:

The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.” -Charles Eisenstein

Join Speak Your Medicine by Oct 15 and get $2000 off:


Get The “Write Here Now” Weekly Writing Workshop – Free

A live, weekly 2-hour guided writing space where you’ll have time to generate the material for your performance (Get 6 months free – $600 value). Jumpstart your process with this juicy, embodied creative workout. Get in your body and get words on the page. Meets Tuesdays, 5pm PT/ 8pm ET. Bonus 2-hour classes Thursdays, 9am PT and Sundays 5pm PT.

Join Speak Your Medicine by Nov 1 and get $1000 off:

MEDICINE CARRIER: Karen McGregor: CEO Speaker Success Formula, Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of The Tao of Influence

MEDICINE STORY: “Unshakeable: How Influencers Stay Present and Calm Through Chaos” (Keynote)

THE PROCESS: For many years, Karen has been an inspirational speaker motivating leaders to be powerful influencers through the integration of ancient wisdom teachings. A strategist in mastering the inner mystic with the outer activist, Karen supports individuals and teams to produce lasting change from the inside out. Already a commensurate speaker, Karen played with Alicia in a series of “punch-up” sessions to find the funny. Punch-up involves riffing together, interview and inquiry into moments one may not realize are funny, creating metaphors, playing with characters, and finding moments of physical humor.

THE RESULT: Karen’s new, funnier keynote slayed. Karen liked Alicia’s punch-up work so much that she had Alicia coach the humor section for her TED-Talk Speaker Training program.                           

KAREN’S TESTIMONIAL:Alicia Dattner is not only a brilliant comedian – she helped my keynote to go from interesting to stunning through the use of heart warming and mind invigorating humour. She also has delivered a couple of humour trainings to my TEDx group which were so helpful to all participants. I’d recommend her work to anyone needing to punch up, enliven and Polish their presentations!”

MEDICINE CARRIER: Teresa De Grosbois: Author, International Speaker, Creator of the Evolutionary Business CouncilMEDICINE STORY: “Mass Influence – The Habits of the Highly Influential” (TEDx Talk)

THE PROCESS: Teresa is head of the international Evolutionary Business Council and author of Habits of the Highly Influential. She worked with Alicia to prepare for, edit, and punch up her TEDx Talk. Already a commensurate speaker, Alicia led Teresa through a process of unleashing her playfulness on stage and unearthing her sense of humor.

THE RESULT: Teresa found the funny in her TEDx Talk and performed this powerful speech with both gravity and lightness she was hoping for. She liked what Alicia did so much, she had Alicia write all the cartoons and captions in Teresa’s book Mass Influence: The Habits of the Highly InfluentialTERESA’S TESTIMONIAL: “Not only did I discover punchlines for my piece, I also just started to trust my sense of humor and feel more playful. And fellow speakers have been commenting this year that I’m more relaxed and funnier than I used to be! Alicia is a fabulous guide.”

MEDICINE CARRIER: Maria Fadiman: National Geographic Ethnobotanist & Professor

MEDICINE STORY: “The Unseen Jungle” (Solo Show)

THE PROCESS: Maria had already performed a draft of her solo show, and brought it to Alicia to get help making it funnier and more embodied. Together, through an interview process, they delved deeper into the story, emphasized new aspects, grounded it in more specificity and vignettes, and emphasized the humor with irony, exaggeration, and physicality. Alicia spent a week with Maria in rehearsals in advance of filming a performance in a theater staging and directing her show.

THE RESULT: Maria’s funny, insightful hour-long performance received a standing ovation from an audience of over 250 people, and was celebrated by friends, family, and colleagues. Her show inspired many to bring vulnerability, compassion, and humor to life-changing health challenges.

MARIA’S TESTIMONIAL: “I consider it a gift to get to work with Alicia and all that she has to offer. My solo show is a story that is my life, and I have to trust the person with whom I am working to get my voice, my story, and then to help me take it to the next level. Alicia does that, and so much more. Alicia works with me at two levels. There is the physical plane; I reached out to Alicia for help in adapting a script I had already developed, to help me add more lightness. Her way of seeing humor and showing me how to do that, draws on her skill and her ability to teach. 

She also takes me to a level I did not anticipate. Alicia is helping me bring more depth to the script, and ultimately to my life. She gently guides me into looking at myself, my writing, my expressing, and ultimately who I am… and who I am working towards becoming. Alicia is a multi-dimensional person; talented, funny, deep and caring. She gives you her whole attention when she works with you. To receive that from her, is something for which I am deeply grateful.”

Donna Zerner

MEDICINE CARRIER: Donna Zerner: Jewish Community Leader, Speaker, Moth Story Slam Winner, Founder of Kosher Hams, and renowned book editor

MEDICINE STORY: “The Shadow Behind the Light” (Solo Show)

THE PROCESS: Donna had a story about calling out a powerful and revered public figure. She wanted to bring some humor, and find moments for laughter to balance out the intensity. I would interview her about the content of the story, and we would riff on the events.

THE RESULT: Donna’s piece was deep, courageous, confrontational, and made a big impact on those lucky enough to see it, and quite possibly saved others from going through what she did.

THE TESTIMONIAL: “Alicia has changed the trajectory of my work, giving me not only clarity but also a sense of ease and joy with my creative process…I’d been wanting to explore a new kind of writing and performing but was feeling vague about it and scared to take the risk. Everything changed when I found out that there is actually a woman who works as a “spiritual comedy coach” (the exact specialty I was looking for).

Because of her support and guidance, I’ve synchronistically attracted and had the courage to take on opportunities I never would’ve felt ready for before otherwise. She is encouraging, compassionate, insightful, and spiritually attuned… not to mention friggin’ hilarious. I feel hugely grateful to have found her!”


MEDICINE CARRIER: Sarah Kennedy: Women’s Sexuality Coach & Solo Performer

MEDICINE STORY: “The Vagina Odyssey” (Solo Show)

THE PROCESS: Sarah had been on a path of initiation into the role of divine feminine priestess which was unfolding for many years when her teacher suggested the next step was… to tell her story through comedy! Though terrified, she is very funny and we began working together, first through workshops, and then 1-1 to explore her life story around sexuality, and the synchronicities along her path that guided her initiation. We took her work from an idea to the page to the stage. Through a process of deep interviews, rough drafts, and spelunking into Sarah’s past, we found the arc, the humor, and the healing. As Sarah’s director, we worked on characters, delivery, blocking, and transmitting truth to the audience.

THE RESULT: Sarah’s coaching on the Art of Feminine Presence is the culmination of a lifelong journey in sexuality and spirituality. Alicia was the dramaturg and director of her show The Vagina Odyssey, a life-changing, and very funny solo show, which has won four awards in its very first run including, “Most Important New Work” and “Best Female Performer.”

SARAH’S TESTIMONIAL:When I came to Alicia I had no idea how to write a one-woman show.  She was invaluable in helping me formulate the script, edit, and learn how to perform. She was also a huge emotional support. The entire process turned into a beautiful and soul-stretching shamanic journey of sorts. And, in the end, I had a truly amazing show that won multiple awards.”

MEDICINE CARRIER: Wade Skalsky, The Understory Bard

MEDICINE STORY: “Fish Out of Whiskey”

THE PROCESS: As a successful attorney, Wade spends a lot of time presenting in the courtroom. He was called to pursue his creative endeavors and worked with Alicia as dramaturg and coach to write a semi-autobiographical, inspirational one man show. That show won a Producer’s Award in the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

THE RESULT: Wade created a hilarious and insightful solo show. The show was an inspiration for the voice of his podcast, and a jumping-off point to quit lawyering and pursue a career as a storytelling and marketing consultant.

WADE’S TESTIMONIAL: “I give Alicia Dattner my highest recommendation for her coaching. She helped me take a vague idea for a one man show into a full blown five performance award winning show! If she can help a lawyer do that she can help anybody. HIRE. HER. RIGHT. NOW.”

female speaker


Get Jaymin Patel’s Course on Getting Booked as a Speaker – Free

Jaymin has spoken all over the world and earned over a million dollars in speaking fees. If you’re interested in using your Medicine Story for becoming a paid speaker, Jaymin’s course will help springboard you onto that path. He opened for my standup comedy show in Bali, and he is not only charismatic, authentic, and passionate, he really knows how to book gigs.

“I have frequently asked questions!”~

“I have frequently asked questions!”~

“I have frequently asked questions!”~

“I have frequently asked questions!”~

“I have frequently asked questions!”~

“I have frequently asked questions!”~

“I have frequently asked questions!”~

“I have frequently asked questions!”~

"What are the dates of the workshop?"

The first weekend retreat is November 10, 11, and 12.
The final weekend retreat is March 8, 9, and 10.

"I get nervous speaking in front of a group."

Have you heard…? Nervousness is excitement without breath! And that means, you have a lot of energy and power waiting in the wings to share on stage. I’ll show you how to channel it. And then look out world!

"Is my story even worth sharing? It feels kind of egotistical to think people need to hear about me."

Well, those are two different concerns. First off, if you help people, communities, or the world, yes, we would all like to know more about how you managed to get your head out of your own ass and think of others.

Secondly, is it egotistical tell your story? Um, hello. It’s egotistical to keep it to yourself! Stop hoarding all the best wisdom! Your audience will self-select for who needs to hear what you have to say.

"What if I want to get on stage but I'm not funny?"

That’s what this here workshop is for, pardner. I’m here to help. Whether that means we write your jokes for you, or we help you loosen up, or we teach you how to make a funny all by yourself, I got this.

If before you were 3% funny on stage, heck, we can make you twice that! Shoot, we can make you TEN TIMES AS FUNNY as when you started.

I’ll share one secret: you don’t have to be as funny as a standup comic to get big laughs in a speech. The bar is lower when you’re not advertising yourself as a comedian. Yet another reason it will go so well.

Also, you don’t have to be funny in this speech – even a little bit – if you don’t want to. You bring the truth, and we’ll find just the right splash of humor that fits your pool.

"My life is so full. Can I really commit to a 6-month workshop?"

You’ll know if it’s the right time to commit to this. And you’ll be able to fit it in if so. I’ll likely do it again next year. That is, unless I get famous. (Thanks for hoping I don’t get famous just now. Geez.)

"Is this course worth the investment?"

Prospective clients and need to know, like, trust, and feel you more fully, this will help them do that. If you want to have more fun sharing your message, this will help you do that. If you are interested in a speaking career, this will help you do that.

"There are so many workshops out there. Will this one really make a difference for me?"

This course hits these notes: sacred storytelling, humor and laughter, embodiment, sharing the spiritual gift of your special medicine. I’m pretty sure there isn’t another speaking course out there like it… but if there is, well, I gotta go bust some kneecaps.

"I've never been the funny one. Can I really learn to be funny?"

No. I’m kidding. Yes. That’s what we’re up to here. I have so many exercises, warmups, and improvisations, tips, and tricks for learning how to make people laugh. I got you!

"I've already done lots of transformational work. Am I too advanced for this?"

Good on ya! Yes, I can handle your awesome powers. You have lots to share, and I can’t wait to help you share it.

"I'm already speaking. Am I too advanced for this?"

Do you make people laugh when you speak? If so, you’re good! If not, this workshop is totally for you.

"I'm already funny. Am I too advanced for this?"

Are you? Are you that funny already? Then, yes. You are too advanced for this. But in that case, you’re probably using humor as a defense mechanism, in which case this course will help you bring some vulnerability to your speaking.

Join Speak Your Medicine by Nov 1 and get $1000 off: