Teresa De Grosbois Author & International Speaker

Head of the Evolutionary Business Council and author of Habits of the Highly Influential, Teresa speaks internationally. She worked with Alicia to prepare for, edit, and punch up her TEDx Talk.


Maria Fadiman, National Geographic Ethnobotanist & Professor

“I consider it a gift to get to work with Alicia and all that she has to offer. My solo show is a story that is my life, and I have to trust the person with whom I am working to get my voice, my story, and then to help me take it to the next level. Alicia does that, and so much more. Alicia works with me at two levels. There is the physical plane; I reached out to Alicia for help in adapting a script I had already developed, to help me add more lightness. Her way of seeing humor and showing me how to do that, draws on her skill and her ability to teach. She also takes me to a level I did not anticipate. Alicia is helping me bring more depth to the script, and ultimately to my life. She gently guides me into looking at myself, my writing, my expressing, and ultimately who I am… and who I am working towards becoming. Alicia is a multi-dimensional person; talented, funny, deep and caring. She gives you her whole attention when she works with you. To receive that from her, is something for which I am deeply grateful.” -Maria Fadiman

Donna Zerner Speaker & Speaker

“I’d been wanting to explore a new kind of writing and performing, but was feeling vague about it and scared to take the risk. Everything changed when I found out that there is actually a woman who works as a “spiritual comedy coach” (the exact specialty I was looking for). Working with Alicia has changed the trajectory of my work, giving me not only clarity but also a sense of ease and joy with my creative process. Because of her support and guidance, I’ve synchronistically attracted and had the courage to take on opportunities I never would’ve felt ready for before otherwise. She is encouraging, compassionate, insightful, and spiritually attuned… not to mention friggin’ hilarious. I feel hugely grateful to have found her!” -Donna Zerner

Sarah Kennedy Coach & Solo Performer

Sarah’s coaching on the Art of Feminine Presence is the culmination of a lifelong journey in sexuality and spirituality. Alicia was the dramaturg and director of her show The Vagina Odyssey, a life-changing, and very funny solo show, which has won four awards in its very first run including, “Most Important New Work” and “Best Female Performer”.

Bridget Barkan Vocalist, Comedian, & Solo Performer

Touring internationally as a singer with bands like The Scissor Sisters, Bridget frequently contributes to musicians’ albums as well as recording her own. She was excited to take on a new art form. Alicia worked with her to create a hilarious and unique one woman show, The Love Junkie at Joe’s Pub in NYC.

Eleanor Mason Reinholdt, Actor & Solo Performer

A professional actor for many years, Eleanor has featured in theatre around the San Francisco Bay Area. She worked with Alicia on her first original work and solo show, Force of Nature, which won Best of the Fringe in the SF Fringe Festival.

Kate Robards Solo Performer, Comedian, & Playwright

“I thought I would go to Alicia for help on my comedy writing. She did help me with comedy writing, but what I got from her was much deeper. She’s helped me integrate the artistic, physical, and mental parts of me into my life. My entire life is improved because of my work with her. As an actor and performer, the exercises she leads me through opens me to deeper wells of truth and feeling.”

Kate’s solo show Mandarin Orange was a hit at the Capital Fringe. She’s got a masters in creative writing and she’s an accomplished playwright. Exploring more personal material for her second solo show, she delved deeply with Alicia on Ain’t That Rich, which played at the Capital Fringe Festival to rave reviews.

Wade Skalsky Attorney (& Solo Performer)

“I give Alicia Dattner my highest recommendation for her coaching! She helped me take a vague idea for a one man show into a full blown five performance award winning show. If she can help a lawyer do that she can help anybody. HIRE. HER. RIGHT. NOW.”

As a successful attorney, Wade spends a lot of time presenting in the courtroom. He was called to pursue his creative endeavors and worked with Alicia to write a semi-autobiographical inspirational one man show. That show, Fish Out of Whiskey, won a Producer’s Award in the Hollywood Fringe Festival.


Corporate Clients

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“I love working with Alicia. She was extremely helpful to me, encouraging, great suggestions and she kept me on track during our coaching. I highly recommend her.” — Carol M., Writer, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

“Alicia changed my life. Working with her became one of the most healing journeys I’ve ever taken. She not only nurtured my artistic growth, she helped cultivate my personal evolution as well. Alicia is profoundly skilled and she cares deeply. This combination makes her an unstoppable force. Plus she’s damn funny! I’ve done my best but there are no words to properly describe the wonder of Alicia Dattner. I’m just so grateful to have met her because she helped me find my voice.” — Nima S., Oakland, CA

“Alicia has the magical gift to be completely present with me, to ask me questions and she has the willingness & compassion to hold the space for me as I connect to my higher self and take my next steps. She has the highest integrity. I am so grateful to have found Alicia and look forward to working with her again.” — Suzanne W., Oakland, CA

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