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“Discover the 3 Essential Keys to Writing and Performing a Profound, Authentic, Hilarious, Life-Changing Story”

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Free, Live Masterclass. Limited Registration. [Image]

Internationally-Acclaimed, Award-Winning Comedian Alicia Dattner will reveal the secrets to unearthing your creative vision and living your highest truth

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Connect your mind, body and spirit and take your writing and performance to the next level. You’ll learn the essential tools for creating a:

  • Witty Comic Monologue
  • Powerful TEDx Talk
  • Groundbreaking Standup Comedy Set
  • Award-winning Moth Story
  • Captivating Keynote Speech
  • Poignant One Person Show
  • Transformational Tell All Memoir
  • Best Selling Published Fiction or Non-Fiction

Practical Benefits

  • Tap into your storytelling genius to persuade, inspire, and sell (For good, not evil.)
  • Convey confidence and authenticity (By feeling it on the inside.)
  • Get right to the heart of what people need to know. (Say “um” and “uh” less.)
  • Give kickass live speeches (And kickass online and recorded speeches too, because that’s how we roll now.)
  • Get so many clients! (That you have to HIRE people to help you!)
  • Make boatloads of sales, (Because people realize you LOVE what you do and they want to be part of it.)

Priceless Benefits

  • Make people laugh, just by being you.
  • Open hearts and minds with your unique story.
  • Discover your unique voice, on stage and in life.
  • Use humor to transform pain into wisdom so you can speak truth to power, discover the light in the darkness, the truth in the lies, and the magic in the mundane.
  • Locate your true north, so you can cut through confusing and divisive voices, inside and out.
  • Inspire people to sacred activism and spontaneous acceptance.

 Find Your Story… Change Your Life…

“What if your story — in the process of its telling – REVEALS an unimaginably beautiful future for your life?  

What if this metamorphosis taught you, not only to envision, but how to EMBODY this new dream? 

What if your story INSPIRES others to do the same… creating magic that ripples out to your family, friends, community and the entire planet?

Your sacred medicine could CHANGE the world.

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Check out Alicia’s Transformational Workshops

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Embodied Writing 6-Week Workshop

Birth your creative work into the world inside this highly focused, supportive space with comedian and creatrix Alicia Dattner.

We meet on Zoom for 6 weeks, Mondays 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm Pacific Time, Feb 22 – Mar 29, 2021

In 2 hours, we do:

  • a new EMBODIMENT practice each week (get you in your body)
  • a guided meditation and WRITING PROCESS (get the words on the paper)
  • SHARING what we’ve written in dyads (get the words out of your mouth)
  • sharing a snippet in the GROUP (get witnessed in community)

Folks return again and again (in fact about 85% of participants are returning students), working on great stuff like:

✨ memoirs on professional poker playing
poetry about puppies
irreverent ritual missives from the divine feminine
standup comedy about involuntary celibacy
powerful transmissions on anti-racism
 feminist protest pop songs


  • Each week, we’ll explore a new embodiment practice, offering a variety of flavors of self-connection, often with a new guest facilitator:

This is an affordable, process-oriented, spiritually-guided, body-centered, socially-aware workshop for people who want to carve out space, support, silence, and accountability to generate new work that originates from your whole self.

TO JOIN: VENMO $197 to @alicia-dattner

(Embodied Writing is not primarily focused on getting personal feedback, editing, or honing a final performance. Alicia’s Solo Showdown workshop is more performance-oriented.)

Solo Showdown: Write & Perform a Comic Monologue or Solo Performance in 6 Weeks!


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Limited Enrollment



“My WHOLE LIFE, I’ve heard this small but strong voice dreaming, yearning, daring ‘Put me on stage!.’” It’s a big dream, and we don’t always know WHY, but some of us are just DRAWN to get in front of others and BE WHO WE REALLY ARE. 


Authentic, funny, vulnerable, powerful YOU. 




  • yearn to be in the limelight (even if you’re shy)
  • know it’s time for your voice to be HEARD (even if you don’t yet know what you’ll say)
  • now you have an important story to tell (even if the story doesn’t have an ending)

this workshop is for YOU.


  • Standup comedy set about cat lovers
  • Edgy monologue about the current political climate
  • TED Talk about endangered tree frogs
  • Moth-style story about adventure and transformation


Showdown is a big-risk taking, transformation-making, life-changing experience of discovering your story and claiming your voice. The work culminates in a ridiculously fabulous final performance for your friends, community and family, filmed so you can share with the world!

It’s one part comedy, one part therapy, five parts sacred alchemy. And all parts good.


  • Discover the story you were meant to tell
  • Cultivate humor and practice taking ourselves less seriously
  • Show up even when it’s scary
  • Write with your whole body
  • Edit your script with ferocity
  • Learn how professionals rehearse
  • Embody the transformation you share in your story
  • Hit all the notes and ROCK your final performance


Delve deeper in Solo Showdown and explore your power or your vulnerability. Alicia’s supportive atmosphere and the high-caliber of participants will take your work to the next level.

Come for the knock-down, drag-out, embodied self-expression with the full range of human emotion. Stay for the creative and personal growth and the connection to a supportive community. Leave with a rock-solid piece you can perform anywhere. 


This is a celebration of your accomplishments, which you’ll invite friends, community, and family to experience. The final performance is also a fundraiser, and all proceeds from the show’s ticket sales go to a a powerful and effective charity. This round, we’ll be raising money for the Balinese organization Plastic for Rice, started by Janur Yasa, co-founder of Moksa Restaurant in Ubud, Bali.


Alicia Dattner’s Solo Showdown sells out every time, and people take this workshop again and again.

  • “Absolutely amazing! I’ve never dug that deep…Life-changing.” 
  • “It’s finding a piece of yourself you didn’t know was there.”
  • “A community to keep me accountable to show up and tell the story.”
  • “Like a magical unicorn ride. One of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.”

6-Week Solo Showdown Workshop – $597

Meets 3 hours per week ONLINE

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…have appeared Off-Broadway, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, headlined The Improv in LA, started theatre companies, been featured on TEDx Talks that have gone viral, performed on musical stages internationally, acted in major San Francisco theatre productions, won best story at The Moth and gone to The Moth Grand Slam, and been featured artists on NPR. Many students incorporate what they learn in Solo Showdown of standup comedy, storytelling, and comic monologue into their speaking, presentations, pitches, and more.