How Complicated Can I Make This?

stageHere’s the deal. I have found life… hard. I think it’s because I’ve done things the hard way for so long. Like some part of me is always thinking, “How complicated can I make this?” And then it always feels like things don’t “go my way” because of all the stories I have about how it’s supposed to be.

Like I have this big fantasy about how it’s supposed to work out perfectly, and then life doesn’t go anything like that. I have been noticing it with everything these days. Like, there will be tiramisu for dessert on the menu. I order it, imagining this homemade aromatic delicacy, drizzled with fluffy, floating whipped cream, and when it arrives, the thing looks like a piece of cardboard and tastes like it lived in a freezer for six years. Or I will get a message from a guy on OkCupid, and he sounds amazing… he’s social, he’s spiritual, he’s in shape, he’s got a neat job, and then I meet him in person, and I’m so bored I want to jump off something or slit something or punch something.

Thing is, how life ends up working out is always better in some way than I could have imagined. And my stories of how things should be so often get in the way of how great things already are.

And the best things come from the most unexpected and most inspired places.

I am delighted and blown away by the ease with which this solo show workshop has come together. Who knew doing what you love could be easy? From the writing of the description, to letting people know about it, to finding the studio space, to people joining so quickly, it has been a grace-filled experience.

I’m so thrilled to get to play with all of you!

We have one space left in the solo show workshop.

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