Have Alicia Develop & Direct Your Solo or Comedy Show

Dramaturgy and Direction Proposal from comedian & director Alicia Dattner

Dramaturgy & Development

  • Reading sessions: Reading previously written material 
  • Interview sessions: Explore and develop new material which can be recorded and transcribed
  • Integration sessions: Help you connect the dots on the societal, social, emotional relevance of each part of your piece to the world, finding and making meaning for you and your audience
  • Structural sessions: Clarifying and laying out the structure and through-line and compiling it all together
  • Editing sessions: Fine tuning and honing the piece throughly, so it’s economical in length and accessible to an audience
  • Punch-up sessions: Finding places for humor (this happens throughout)


  • A five-day rehearsal leading up to a show, six hours per day
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Staging direction
  • Lighting direction
  • Embodiment and physical humor guidance
  • Collaborative show direction, using your already brilliant acting skills and intuition, helping you to express YOU best