November 13-15,  2015



You’re a speaker or a trainer, and you’re excellent at it.

But you’ve never quite gotten… a ton of laughs.

Perhaps you tend toward giving the inspiring speech, or your subject matter is serious, or you just haven’t been able to crack the comedy nut. If something feels like it’s always been missing, it could be comedy.

The challenge is, many comedy workshops aren’t geared toward your style. But when you find your humor fingerprint–the brand of humor that is essential to your being, it already matches you and your authentic content.

But Wait, There’s a Solution! (it slices, it dices…)

  • Mastering humor and play can make the difference between, “Ah, that was interesting.” and “I’ll have what she’s having!”
  • Getting even a few laughs in with your audience can take you right over home plate with the Know, Like, & Trust factor, sell your ideas, and leave people ready to say yes.
  • Together, in an intimate group of you’ll be discovering your unique comedic voice, honing your story, and bringing your work to the stage with levity.
  • We’ll find the innate comedy that’s authentic to you and effortless to deliver because it’s simply a part of your natural make-upit’s your “humor fingerprint”.

This Ain’t Toastmasters, Baby.

Funny Business is a 3-day journey into the mystery of YOU, that culminates in a final performance for your fellow speakers that’ll be put on tape and ready to use for booking.

We’ll take your speech, TED Talk, or interactive group experience, punch it up, power it up, & polish it up. The supportive atmosphere and the high caliber of participants will bring your work to life.

Bring your already-awesome speech, and together, we’ll make it funnier.

You Will Master:

  • writing and delivering jokes: the nuts & bolts
  • discovering your voice: honing the 3 keys to your unique humor fingerprint
  • cultivating ease and playfulness: improv exercises & confidence-building warmups
  • collaborating on comedy roundtable: to “punch up” your speech (make it funnier)

During these 3 days, you will receive personalized expert advice on making your work even more powerful and compelling. You will bring humor to your 15-minute speech, and deliver it in front of your peers–a live audience, and get it on tape.

It’s one part comedy workshop, one part transformational journey, one part alchemy. All parts good.

Serious Comedy: Learn to Speak Funny in 3 Days Flat. What You’ll Get…

  • 3 days of comedy speaking workshop time
  • 2 pre-workshop comedy calls prepping you to get the most out of your investment
  • 1 “punch-up” session one-on-one with Alicia after the workshop
  • a video of your speech–use it for booking speaking, etc.

Students are Blown Away

  • “I’m blown away by Alicia's ability to work with everyone's material. She sees the potential and very eloquently and gracefully guides students in ways I would never have thought of. She's created a beautiful container for the essence of who we are to emerge.”
  • “Alicia is a brilliant facilitator. I'm grateful for her for her skill, her care, her gentleness, her power and her wisdom.”
  • “Alicia's feedback is insightful, practical, thoughtful and supportive.”

About Alicia

Voted “Best Comedian” in both the SF Bay Guardian and SF Weekly, Alicia Dattner coaches people in standup comedy, comic monologue, storytelling, and solo performance.

She has performed standup comedy for over a dozen years, from New York to London, San Francisco, Jamaica, Hawaii, Bombay, and Hollywood, sharing the stage with Maria Bamford, Moshe Kasher, Arj Barker, and Kamau Bell to name a few. She’s performed at Cobb’s Comedy Club, The Punch Line, The Improv, and Gotham Comedy Club. Her one-woman shows, The Oy of Sex and Eat, Pray Laugh! toured the world and won a slew of awards, including “Best Storyteller” in the Off-Broadway NY United Solo Festival and “Best of the Fringe” (twice) in the SF Fringe Fest.

Alicia is also a life coach, trained through the Transformational Course Leader Training/Circling Institute with Guy Sengstock and Alexis Shepard. She is a certified laughter yoga leader and has been a member of the professional Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor and the Creativity Coaching Association. She also integrates Circling, Family Constellations, Jungian subpersonality/parts work, Sedona Method, EFT, Access Consciousness, guided drum journeys, and Diamond Heart Approach-inspired work.

About Alicia’s Students

People who have worked with Alicia have appeared Off-Broadway, on Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel, headlined The Improv in LA, started theatre companies, been featured on TED Talks that have gone viral, led troupes dancing in Carnival, performed on musical stages internationally, acted in SF theatre productions, The Moth NYC, and been featured artists on NPR. Her students have incorporated standup comedy, storytelling, poetry, singing, dancing, and performance art into their work.