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  • Testimonial

    I completely love how Alicia holds space for us all, knows perfectly how to pace the curriculum, and how to set the stage for an amazing final performance.

    - Holding space

  • Testimonial

    Alicia’s feedback in directing our work as storytellers is so quick, clear, and concise. I truly feel taken care of.

    - Clarity

  • Testimonial

    Thank you for knowing just how to pull me out of my shell and share my gifts.

    - Gifts

  • Testimonial

    Thank you Alicia for seeing us, heartfully and strongly giving feedback, bringing your joy, aliveness, and wildness in service of our storytelling transformation.

    - Wildness

  • Testimonial

    In facilitating this workshop, Alicia is unafraid to be tough, in service of finding the veins of truth.

    - Unafraid

  • Testimonial

    Alicia’s work as a director is subtle but swift, direct, clear, and loving.

    - Directing

  • Testimonial

    Alicia shares generously her commitment to creativity and her medicine of humor and love.

    - Commitment to creativity

  • Testimonial

    Alicia radiates joy, and shares it with others. She brings out the best in us.

    - Bringing out the best

  • Testimonial

    I love what Alicia brings to teaching and the space she creates for us. There is so much permission to be ourselves. Great feedback. And she CARES. So deeply. All the time. She brings out the best in us.

    - Bringing out our best.

  • Testimonial

    Alicia is so inspiring. Sometimes she teaches lessons that are so profound in the moment that I am a bit amazed at what just happened.

    - So inspiring.

  • Testimonial

    Next to surfing, great sex and love, there is nothing else that feels as amazing to me as delivering a good performance to a super responsive audience. Last Friday, in our final class performance was one of those nights. Biggest of thanks to: Alicia Dattner for holding the space, providing accountability and giving great feedback to help me create a piece that was authentic and light, my fellow Solo Showdown compadres. -Cory Reddish

    - Big Thanks!

  • Testimonial

    Alicia’s feedback is insightful, practical, thoughtful and supportive. I especially appreciated her insights and support for my piece.

    - Insightful.

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