Find your Story. Change your Life.


"Like a magical unicorn ride. One of the best things I’ve ever done in my life."

Brittany B, Solo Showdown


“I've been sitting on a book for 30 f*ing years, and I’m finally writing it!"

Francesca O, Write Here Now


"My highest recommendation! HIRE. ALICIA. RIGHT. NOW.”

Wade S. 1-1 VIP Coaching


"I love this class. Sign me up forever."

Emily L, Write Here Now


"Alicia is a creativity midwife.”

Jane M, Solo Showdown


“An answer to a prayer. It’s finding a piece of yourself you didn’t know was there."

Betsy R, Write Here Now


"To say that it’s been transformational is an epic understatement."

Sheila T, Solo Showdown


"The critic in my head is not nearly as loud these days. Writing is (almost) fun now!"

Betty V, Write Here Now


"Absolutely amazing! I’ve never dug that deep…Life-changing.”

Paul C, Bali Bliss 7 Day Storytelling Adventure


“It’s a fantastic, creative space. The support is second to none."

Bruce G, Write Here Now & Solo Showdown


Writing, Storytelling and Comedy: Live Online Workshops (for humans)

Are you… 🙁

  • SUCCESSFUL at so many other things – but struggling with creative blocks?
  • THIS CLOSE to finishing your book, script, or show – but can’t find the time?
  • FULL of writing IDEAS – but drowned out by your Inner Critic?
  • Feeling CREATIVELY ISOLATED – and longing to be in community?
  • READY to RE-IGNITE your creative SPARK — to inspire and be inspired by peers who will encourage, push, and support you?

Don’t die with your story inside you…

Alicia Dattner is here to hold your hand (and lovingly kick your butt)

Join the Internationally Acclaimed, Award-Winning Comedian and Creatrix Alicia Dattner as she helps you unearth your creative vision, live your highest truth and finally DO the thing you’ve been putting off. Promise we’ll make it fun.

  • Want to unblock your creativity and develop your artistic voice?
  • Need a practice that you enjoy and delivers results?
  • Know sharing your story would make a difference?

It starts here with Alicia’s Write Here Now Workshop

Free Live Masterclass

“Write Here Now: How to Press Pause on Your Inner Critic and Finally Write that Story that You’ve Been Sitting On”

In this live, hour-long, online course – Alicia Dattner will reveal the keys to realizing your creative vision – so you can get out of your head, get words on the page and get that masterpiece written.

I have wanted to do this for 15 years, but I never had the support or encouragement to do it.

Bhu M.

A community to keep me accountable to show up and write the story and tell the story.

Justin C.

Deep personal healing and transformation.

Regina G.

One of the nicest experiences of my life. This is the 4th time I have taken the class.

Robert B.

This is a wonderful space to hone your writing, with a super loving community that welcomes performers’ vulnerability.

Nicole P.

If you allow this class and Alicia to do her magic, it has the potential to legitimately change your life.

Sheila T.

Absolutely amazing – introspection, learning, healing.

Paul C

Signature Courses

Already know that Alicia’s got what you’re looking for? You can sign up straight away for any of her signature courses below:

Write Here Now Workshop

A 30-Day Writing Workshop
for the MOST PRODUCTIVE writing sessions of your life.

Maybe you are writing for the first time? Or an established scribe who’s feeling blocked and looking for a new practice that will keep you producing and experiencing more joy in the process? Or are you interested in exploring full creative self-expression for its therapeutic value? This course features a new somatic practice each week. Join us for an all-levels writing course; we’re socially-aware, spiritually-minded, and a really kick-ass community.

  • Rock a regular writing practice every single week
  • Channel your clearest, most unique voice
  • Set your work apart by writing with your whole body (instead of just your head)
  • Cultivate free-flow in every area of your life
  • Surround yourself with warmth, support, and community

A 30-Day Writing Workshop


Tuesdays 5pm PT/ 8pm ET

Starts First Tuesday of Every Month

Meets 2 hours per week

Solo Showdown Workshop

Write & Perform a Story or Comic Monologue (in 6 weeks!)

Have you been sitting on a performance project for months, years, or decades, and know NOW is the time to finally finish it? Have a bunch of notes, a bunch of writing, or a powerful story, and don’t know how to put it together? In Solo Showdown, we’ll use a combination of visioning, storytelling and feedback to create your funny, insightful, and profound performance. This performance is a powerful ritual to live into your new story. Includes Alicia’s Write Here Now Workshop on Tuesdays, which offers you a powerful and aligned space to write every week.

  • Come for the knock-down, drag-out full self-expression you crave
  • Stay for the creative and personal growth you won’t find anywhere else
  • Connect with a supportive (and honest) high-quality community
  • Create a ritual performance to usher in a new chapter of your life

6-Week Workshop with a Final Performance


Wednesdays 5-7 pm PT

Starting July 7, 2023

Enrollment limited

1-1 VIP Coaching Packages

Create a Standup Comedy Show, Keynote Speech, or Solo Performance Guided Personally by Alicia (in 6 months!)

Are you a leader with a message? A comedian on the rise? Do you have a story that needs to be told? If you’re ready, and it can’t wait a moment longer, then I’m here for you.

  • Conceive and birth a feature-length performance of any genre
  • Generate your script through interview style conversation with me
  • Workshop the piece with me. We’ll edit, rewrite and punch-up (comedy) until its ready producible, publishable and ready for the world
  • We’ll work the performance, find the nuances and shape of the piece onstage that will get audiences and critics excited
  • As you go into production, I’ll be there to help you bring your vision to the stage.

VIP Coaching is by application only.

6 Month Project Based Packages


Breakthrough Session with Alicia

I love using humor, laughter, passion, and vulnerability to inspire people to see things in a new light. I’ve been working with speakers, performers, thought-leaders, and people who are yearning to be more creative, helping them to express themselves fully. I help people discover and share their gift with the world in their own uniquely brilliant way.

Alicia DattnerYour Guide to an Embodied, Transformative, Creative Process

Internationally Touring Standup Comedian

Alicia has performed at The Improv, The Punchline, Gotham Comedy Club, the Knitting Factory and other mainstays of the comedy circuit. She has appeared alongside Maria Bamford, Ali Wong, Moshe Kasher, Arj Barker, Kamau Bell, and many other luminaries.

Your Guide

Award-Winning Solo Performer

Alicia has garnered awards from around the world, such as “Best Comedian,” “Best Storyteller,” and critical praise from The New York Times, LA Weekly, San Francisco Guardian, and even her own parents.

Best-Selling Author

Alicia is the author of Amazon’s international bestseller Getting Sh*t Done: The Art of Feeling Good about Doing Nothing, Faster, and Is This It? A Children’s Book (for Adults) about Getting Everything You’ve Never Wanted and, and Much, Much Less!

Screenwriter & Filmmaker

Alicia is currently developing a television series loosely based on her life. She has written several feature-length screenplays and served as an advisor and contributing writer for television, film, both narrative and documentary.

Global Workshop Leader

Alicia leads writing, storytelling and comedy workshops around the world, often in Bali, Indonesia. She works in-person and live, online with students in group settings and one-on-one. Alicia has also appeared as a keynote speaker for creativity, embodiment, and non-duality conferences.

Medicine Woman

Alicia uses many healing modalities in her 1-1 speaking and solo show coaching and directing. She has worked with speaking clients for major, international keynote engagements; and takes a spiritual slant as she leads clients through the writing and performance of comedy sets, solo shows, memoirs, and more.